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1.    Be previously invited by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal to participate as international observers, to observe a particular electoral process.
2.    If there is no invitation but a foreign organization or institution has interest in the observation of a particular electoral process, it shall be addressed in writing to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, specifying the electoral process and the grounds for that interest, and the terms of reference of the type of observation it wants to perform.
3.    Once the invitation or the particular application to participate in the observation of the electoral process is accepted and notified of such acceptance, the Plenary of Judges instructs to start the process of accreditation.
4.    Submit a photocopy of the passport.
5.    Each international body must send electronicallythe form filled with the requested information that can be found in the page of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (elecciones2015.tse.org.gt) with all the information and requirements that are requested.
6.    Designated staff of the Protocol Department, from the Tribunal’s Office for Communication and Cooperation, will personally accredit the representatives of the international agency or institution that will participate as an international observerin the electoral process and will deliver the accreditation attesting to their status, (document that you must bear in a visible place all the time, for the performance of your activities).
7.    Issued the document of accreditation as international electoral observers, the Protocol Department will notify the data of the accreditation to the head of the Observation Mission for its verification, including in the list that will be sent, the names and number of the document of identification of each person that will participate as an international electoral observer.


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